MDC-T infighting addressed

The MDC-T National Organizing Secretary, Nelson Chamisa, has attempted to restore order in the party’s bickering district structures, where candidates are being handpicked and democratic principles are falling by the wayside.


A source within the party told The Zimbabwean that Chamisa had ordered that all district executive members who had been removed from the structures be reinstated with immediate effect.

The source said the move was meant to avoid any new elections for district executives as they would have fuelled divisions within the party.

“I think he did that because elections would have caused further divisions and weakened the party ahead of general elections expected next year,” said the source.

He said a number of posts had remained vacant as factionalism made it difficult for the district executives to co-opt members to fill the posts.

Chamisa, however, said the party was embarking on a gap-filling exercise and was also ensuring the election of new members to fill newly created posts of portfolio secretaries.

“We are filling the newly created posts of secretaries in line with the party’s constitution as agreed at congress,” Chamisa said. He said the process was continuing across the country and had seen the party emerge even stronger. Chamisa said he was also dealing with the issue of intra-party violence that had rocked the party.

Ward 14 in Chitungwiza’s Zengeza East constituency is currently in limbo after a candidate was imposed by the MDC-T District Chairman, Isaac Kambeva. A senior member in the party district structures told The Zimbabwean that, two weeks ago, Ward 14 elected a new Ward Chairman through a ballot system but Kambeva, reportedly acting on the instruction of the incumbent MP, Alexio Musundire, overturned the results and handpicked another party member.

“We queried why Kambeva was doing that, but he insisted that the district had the power to overrule the ward. We then asked for a re-run since the voting process was democratic, but Kambeva refused,” said the source. “Currently, we are not attending meetings because of the impasse and this is costing our party a lot. Even the new ward chairperson cannot do anything as party members have rejected him.”

He said the imposition of candidates and vote buying was rampant in Chitungwiza, adding that repeated distress calls to Chamisa were not being heeded.

Neither Musundire nor Kambeva were reachable for comment.

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