Oxfam secures 2m Euro for projects in Zimbabwe

OXFAM International, the United Kingdom-based donor agency, has secured 2 million Euro for two projects in Zimbabwe, a spokesman for the agency has revealed. Oxfam also have an office in Harare, Zimbabwe.

"We will be using 2 million Euro for two projects in Gutu and Mutare District," the spokesman said in Harare. "The projects will promote the use of micro-hydro and solar energy by rural people around the Ruti and Himalaya Irrigation Schemes in Zimbabwe.

"To share information and learning on the implementation of renewable energy technology for socio-economic development in Zimbabwe." He said the project would last four years and this cash would be sufficient for the purpose, but could be beefed up if the need arose.

The project target groups include 300 irrigation farming house holds, two clinics, one school, 10 local entrepreneurs, five solar technicians and one agribusiness centre.

"In total 19,200 men, women and children will benefit from the project which is being implemented in two districts of Zimbabwe these being Gutu District and Mutare District," he said.

"The project is being implemented over four years beginning in August, last year, and will utilise two technologies namely solar and hydro-power."

In 2011 Oxfam International in partnership with Practical Action, another Zimbabwean donor agency, was awarded the European Commission ACP-EU Energy Facility Grant from the 10th European Development Fund for the project.

The project is entitled – "Rural Sustainable Energy Development in Zimbabwe".

"The overall objective of the project is to increase access to modern, affordable and sustainable renewable energy services for the rural population in Zimbabwe," the spokesman said.

The move comes at a time when the cash-strapped Government of Zimbabwe is not receiving any cash for projects from the donor community especially those based in the UK and the United States of America (US).

Even Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark, have stopped dishing out much needed cash to the broke southern African nation currently led by President Robert Mugabe.

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