REA promotes solar power

The Rural Electrification Agency has called on communities to fully harness solar power and reduce electricity woes in the country.

REA’s Project coordinator, Ozias Matovera, said after the Zimbabwean government acquired 50 units of the solar mini-grind system equipment from Italy in 2008, it decided to hand it to the Ministry of Energy and Power Development for REA to implement the solar project.

“In Midlands the project benefited 54 institutions, among them schools, clinics and chiefs’ homesteads,” said Matovera.

REA’s Acting Provincial Manager, Sydney Musimbe, challenged rural communities to take advantage of sunlight and utilize solar energy for their business ventures.

‘’Sunshine is abundant in our country. Why then should pupils in rural areas fail to use computers? Why should parents in rural clinics live in darkness and walk in darkness?” said Musimbe.

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