Report Chipangano offences: ZRP

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is prepared to take action against Chipangano, the Zanu (PF) militia group blamed for a reign of terror in Mbare, says provincial police spokesperson, James Sabau.

He told The Zimbabwean that victims of the violence being unleashed by the terror group should ensure that they report every incident to the police so that corrective measures can be taken against the perpetrators.

He said some unruly individuals had taken advantage of the name Chipangano to engage in unlawful activities, such as extorting money vendors, and claimed that victims were not coming forward with specific reports of victimisation, making it difficult for the police to act. Sabau dismissed claims that the police had failed to rein in the militia and denied allegations of partisan conduct by the force.

“We are prepared to deal with any cases of violence or victimisation of residents. We will deal with the individuals perpetrating the violence because if we say we want to deal with Chipangano we don’t know who exactly we should be arresting,” he said. ‘‘So we will deal with individuals. Members of the public who have a case to report should make sure they report it to the police.

“The problem is that the issue of Chipangano is being generalised. We do not have any specific cases that have been reported to us but we just hear people saying Chipangano is doing this and that. So I think anyone who has a case should come to the police and we will take the necessary corrective measures,” he added.

MDC-T MP for Mbare, Piniel Denga, is on record saying police were ignoring reports against Chipangano, thereby promoting political violence and criminality. Zanu (PF) has repeatedly denied any links with the group, although it is reportedly receiving support from politburo member, Tendai Savanhu. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai said recently that his party was gathering evidence of Chipangano’s activities to present to President Robert Mugabe.

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