Tanzanian drug mules detained

The Mozambican police have arrested seven Tanzanian citizens who tried to smuggle drugs, believed to be cocaine, into the country last week.

The drug traffickers, named by the police as F. Mpala, S. Mtawanga, F. Mkura, D. Selemani, B. Omary, P. Ndunguru and S. Twenye, were arrested on Thursday at Maputo International Airport, shortly after they disembarked from a Portuguese Airways (TAP) flight from Lisbon.

According to the spokesperson for the Maputo city police command, Arnaldo Chefo, cited in Saturday’s issue of the daily paper “Noticias”, 280 capsules of drug were found in one of the Tanzanians’ suitcases.

But they were carrying other capsules in their stomachs, and were taken to Maputo Central Hospital for the removal of the cocaine.

“When the Tanzanians disembarked at the airport, the officers on duty realised that they were carrying illicit products”, said Chefo. “They were submitted to a series of examinations and it was possible to detect drugs in their stomachs, and in one of their suitcases”.

Chefo said the arrests were possible, thanks to cooperation between the Mozambican police and other forces. He did not name them – but presumably they include the Portuguese and Brazilian police. Much of the cocaine that enters southern Africa comes from Brazil, and Brazil-Lisbon-Maputo is an established route for drug mules.

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