Zanu (PF) capable of change: Mutasa

After years of bitter experience, Zimbabweans know that the promises of Zanu (PF) officials, from the President downwards, are mere rhetoric – and never become reality.

Didymus Mutasa
Didymus Mutasa

But while addressing Zanu (PF)’s Harare Province recently, Didymus Mutasa went further than any of his colleagues have ever done. He identified the problem, Chipangano, by name and in implied admission that it is the creation of his party he asked the Chairman of Harare Province, Amos Midzi, why the group is still there.

His belief that Chipangano must be disentangled at the political level reinforces the widely held belief that ZRP’s efforts to keep law and order are being frustrated by politicians – particularly where political violence is concerned.

The images of log-wielding barbarians calling themselves war veterans and chasing opponents of Zanu (PF) still linger in the minds of many. The party was damaged badly by that and the militia and war-lord mentality that brought about the likes of Chipangano is simply kindergarten politics. It reminds me of the days when I was growing up, the “gangs” that thrived our neighbourhoods; ZERO Boys, Ninjas, Crew 17 etc.

They had one common thing they were formed and manned by immature young men and women who were out for thrills. How a political party that has so much history behind it manages to align itself with adults who have ZERO boys mentality and who refuse to grow up escapes me.

At what point does Zanu (PF) lose in Zimbabwe? Do they lose if there is rule of law? Do they lose if they are defeated in elections and a new party starts to govern? Do they lose if there is justice? Their fear clearly shows the wrong mindset that they think they will lose if either happens.

The mere fact that people are voting, that there are opposition parties in Zimbabwe, and that we have a country called Zimbabwe, our own country, where we can aspire to be councillors, MPs, ministers and Presidents is down to ZANU and ZAPU and their selflessness during the liberation struggle. That can never be taken away from them.

Ian Smith banned our political parties and it only took the barrel of the gun for him to even fathom discussing with blacks. He argued that the black majority was not capable of voting, let alone forming political parties and he thought a whole millennium was necessary to see that evolution coming. ZANU and ZAPU fought to change that perception and brought democracy to the country.

One of the fundamental goals of the liberation struggle was achieved through the advent of democracy and the rule of law. Of course every political party wants to survive and to do so they have to win in elections. But like everyone else they have to be prepared to accept the people’s verdict.

Going to the extent of training, arming and sustaining gangs that fight the same democracy and tolerance that they fought for is retrogressive. Mutasa’s naming and shaming of Chipangano and his acceptance that it is Zanu (PF)’s problem is really encouraging – let’s hope it is not mere talk.

MDC too must start addressing the issue of violence among its members. Pretending that violence only comes from Zanu (PF) will never help matters. Leaders must embrace tolerance and address this issue that has bedevilled our politics for long. That “green on blue” violence was deliberate, and we have people like Trudy Stevenson who bear the scars of such violence. Acceptance will save us, we have to agree that violence has become a feature in our politics and stop it now. [email protected]

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