Zim's finance minister blames weight loss on war veterans

Zimbabwe's Finance minister Tendai Biti said the constant visits to his office by war veterans and civil servants demanding money has given him sleepless nights and left him wasted.

Biti, who upon his appointment as minister in 2009 described his job as the “worst in the world”, told a civic society constitutional briefing on Wednesday afternoon that he had lost touch with life.

“Zimbabwe is the lowest on the happiness index, some of us, you can look at me, I have lost weight because every day I have war veterans, civil servants and Robert Mugabe and all kinds of nonsense that impinge on my right in pursuit of happiness,” said Biti in a jocular manner to much laughter from his audience.

“I used to play golf, I used to support Black Rhinos, I don’t know how all that ended. I don’t know the last time I have ever been to a night club. My right to pursue happiness has really been infringed. I used to phone girls but all that is gone and I don’t think it’s fair.”

Biti who appeared at the meeting in black faded jeans, a red and black sweater and his trade mark Scottish cap appeared to have indeed lost a significant amount of weight. Biti is a staunch English premier league club Arsenal supporter.

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