ZRP dodges treasury

The police are allegedly getting more than $9 million a month from traffic fines and channeling the money straight into their coffers.

Money from road fines is being used to foot the force’s salary bill.
Money from road fines is being used to foot the force’s salary bill.

A source in the ZRP said that the promotion of the Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner to a Commissioner General made a dent in the force’s reserves. This led to an increase in roadblocks to generate more resources.

“This fines system means that money is retained by the police to cover the salaries of the newly created ranks and fund other police operations,’’ said the source.

He said all the more than 700 police stations across the country were given set targets which they were supposed to meet at all costs. The source said the police had changed the deposit fine receipt book, the Z69 book, to a ZRP National Traffic Book, to enable them to retain all the fines.

Under the old system, the patrol teams handed over the cash collected, together with the charge sheets, to the local clerk of court. Now the fines are handed over to the station administrator, who reconciles and verifies targets before handing over the cash to the district finance officer. The district finance officer then hands over the cash to the Provincial Finance Officer who in turn surrenders it to the Police General Headquarters National Finance office.

“The new system leaves out the magistrate or any other jurisdiction,” he said.

The Zimbabwean recently revealed that ZRP was paying highway traffic police details a ‘’retention allowance’’ of $2,400 every month. The source said police details who failed to meet their set targets were subjected to severe punishment.

Police Spokesperson Inspector James Sabau declined to comment on the revelations.

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