ANC will reject Zanu (PF) demands: Vigil

The Vigil has repeatedly warned of the danger to the region of allowing a gangster state to take root in Zimbabwe. News that the South African government is now taking legal action against the Zanu (PF) crony and ANC rabble rouser Julius Malema confirms that this warning was justified.

We reported recently that ‘Bling’ Malema had made a mysterious visit to the UK – mysterious partly because the objective was opaque and partly because it appeared to be promoted by Zanu (PF) elements, who have a strong presence in the UK.

The Vigil is not surprised that the South African authorities are looking into Malema’s astonishing affluence – not that he is alone among South African and Zimbabwean politicians who brazenly parade their wealth. No doubt the CIO is looking into the ownership of the Bentleys and other expensive cars parked at Tsvangirai’s glitzy wedding – if they didn’t supply them in the first place!

But the Vigil is heartened that relations are clearly fracturing between the ANC and Zanu (PF). We note the reported warning by an ANC National Executive Committee member: ‘It’s time we took some serious and decisive action, if only to teach these spoilt brats a lesson, because we can do that’.

The Vigil is confident that the ANC will start by rejecting Zanu (PF)’s demand that South Africa should take a ‘political decision’ to overturn the ruling by the South African Supreme Court over the land seizures in Zimbabwe. A ‘political decision’? To the Vigil that is Zanu (PF) talk, not an option open to a law-abiding democracy.

The Vigil’s efforts to alert SADC to the poison of Zanu (PF) continued on Saturday with demonstrations outside the High Commissions in London of Tanzania and Botswana. We delivered letters for President Kikwete of Tanzania and President Khama of Botswana.

Our message was shown in posters such as: ‘Zimbabwe: Stop Mugabe stealing election’, ‘Zimbabwe: No more fake elections’, ‘Zimbabwe: No to election violence’, Zimbabwe: Election monitors now’, ‘Zimbabwe Voters’ Roll: Let the 16,800 born on 01/01/1901 vote first’, Tanzania: Save Zimbabwe ‘jewel of Africa’, Botswana: ‘Nothing less than free and fair elections in Zimbabwe’, ‘Tanzania, SADC – Zimbabwe needs you‘ and ‘Zimbabweans demand a people’s constitution.’

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