Another top diplomat condemns invasion of conservancies

Netherlands’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Barbara Joziasse, has expressed her government’s concern over the invasion of conservancies in the Save Valley by a group of officials aligned to Zanu (PF).

The top diplomat said the invasions were a direct violation of investment protection agreements between Zimbabwe and other countries, hers included, and described them as illegal and detrimental to the local economy. She was addressing journalists in Bulawayo on Thursday.

“We are concerned about the invasion of the Save conservancies. Apart from violating investments protection agreements, the invasions are also affecting ordinary Zimbabweans who are going to lose jobs as a result of the land invasions.

“Zimbabwe should respect these treaties if the country wants serious investors to invest in the country,” said Joziasse. She said her government was engaging the Harare government over the issue.

A number of conservancies in the Save area, among them those owned by German and Dutch nationals, are under threat from Zanu (PF) bigwigs who have been parceling them amongst themselves under the guise of indigenisation.

The new beneficiaries have been awarded 25-year leases, but conservationists have condemned the takeovers. The invasions are already causing diplomatic tensions.

EU Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Aldo Dell Ariccia, recently said restrictive measures that were earlier this relaxed could be tightened.

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