Housing schemes affect urban farming

Rapid urban expansion, demand for housing and growth of the informal market means land used for urban farming will be compromised, according to town planners.

“More people are buying land in urban and peri-urban communities, the so-called in-fills” said a senior official responsible for planning in the City of Harare, Dombo Chibanda.

“Without urban and peri-urban agriculture, the challenge to feed the megacities would be enormous,” said a lecturer from the department of Rural and Urban Planning at the University of Zimbabwe.

Large open spaces where urban farming used to thrive in Tafara, Mabvuku, Mufakose, Epworth and Hatcliff, has been taken up by housing cooperatives and informal sector businesses.

John Reketayi, 57, an urban farmer from Tafara, said his land provided a significant income for his family.

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