Magura son sentenced to community service in Mudzi North

Mike Magura, the son of murdered MDC-T ward chairman Cephas Magura, has been sentenced to perform community service at Nyamapanda Clinic, as punishment for defending himself against two ZANU PF thugs who attacked him on Wednesday.

Magura was attacked by two thugs known as Kambambaira and Bhobho, who were part of a group of nine arrested after Mike’s father Cephas was murdered at Chimukoko Business Centre in May.

The attack was instigated by a ZANU PF mob that disrupted a rally being held by the MDC-T at Chimukoko Business Centre in Mudzi North. The others remain in detention, but Kambambaira and Bhobho were later released.

It was later revealed the two thugs are lackeys of Mudzi North MP Newton Kachepa, who allegedly used his truck to transport ZANU PF supporters to Chimukoko on the day Magura died. Reports say they were rewarded by the party with jobs at a parking bay.

It was while they were working at the parking bay Wednesday that Kambambaira and Bhobho spotted Mike Magura and began poking fun at him, taunting him about his father’s death and support of the MDC-T. A physical fight broke out and all three were rounded up by the police. But the ZANU PF members were released without charge.

The partisan behavior by police, where they arrest the victim of a crime because they support the MDC-T, has been documented on many occasions and continues to be one of the contentious issues in negotiations for a roadmap to free and fair elections. SW Radio Africa

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