MDC-T MP for Mbare to switch constituencies

Piniel Denga, the MDC-T MP for Mbare, is to leave his relatively safe urban based seat to run in his rural home of Chikomba in Mashonaland East province in the next poll.

Denga, elected as MP for Mbare in 2008, is the chairman of the party in the province and says he wants to lead from the front. The MDC-T holds three parliamentary seats out of 19 in Mashonaland East.

SW Radio Africa understands that a popular former ZBC Radio 2 disc jockey, now an MDC-T activist, is interested in contesting the Mbare seat.

With the next election looming Denga believes a radical approach is needed to make significant inroads in the Mashonaland East province, once considered a ZANU PF stronghold.

‘This is why as a province we’ve decided to ask those high-profile party members to abandon their safe seats and concentrate on challenging ZANU PF in their strongholds. The former ruling party is not as strong as 10 years ago and in some areas we notice they’re now very vulnerable, and we want to take advantage of that. In politics you take risks or there is nothing for you,’ Denga said.

Asked if people would not assume he’s running away from the notorious terror group Chipangano, the MP laughed at the suggestion, pointing out that there are more than 20,000 registered voters in Mbare compared ‘to just 20 thugs protected by the state.’

‘If it was definite the MDC-T was going to lose the Mbare seat, I wouldn’t go anyway. I would remain there and fight to maintain our dominance in the urban areas. But look, it doesn’t make sense to safeguard the seats you consider safe and try not challenge the ones we lost marginally. For instance, in Chikomba there is a seat that we lost by 27 votes, so if we work hard, we can be able to grab that seat,’ the MP said.

He continued: ‘Over and above that, we studied the whole province, ward by ward, constituency by constituency, and discovered that we have at least nine seats that we lost by a sizeable margin. If we pull our resources together, work very hard to preach our polices and what the MDC-T will do when we win power, I think we stand a good chance of becoming the party with the majority of seats in the province,’ Denga added.

-SW Radio Africa News

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