MDC-T provincial chair reveals she has cancer

The MDC-T chairperson for Midlands South, Lilian Timveous, has revealed to her Facebook followers that she has been diagnosed with cancer.

Timveous, a successful businesswoman and the only woman in the party to be elected to a provincial chairperson post, wrote a touching message on her Facebook page saying she was now in South Africa undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

‘A lot of my friends have in-boxed me, worried that I’m sick, well its true I’m not well friends, I have cancer, but the doctors say I’m lucky they found it in its early stages.

‘It’s like I’m dreaming, hoping this can disappear. This is real, I can only pray to my lord to give me more time for my kids’ sake, in the name of Jesus I pray Amen,’ wrote Timveous.

SW Radio Africa understands Timveous was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine medical check-up. The party was quick to organize counseling sessions for her with Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe, who was also diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

The courageous Khupe inspired many Zimbabwean women by coming out in the open to reveal she had breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy treatment in South Africa.

Speaking in December last year following three months of intensive treatment, Khupe urged Zimbabweans diagnosed with cancer not to give up as the disease can often be treated.

‘I now have one breast and I am not even shy and worried about it, I went through a very successful cancer chemotherapy operation in South Africa and you people when you see me you think I have two normal breasts but that’s not it, Khupe said.

SW Radio Africa

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