MDC-T want SADC, A.U. to supervise Constitutional Conference

The MDC-T has called for regional and international supervision of the Constitutional reform process, following a deadlock between the MDC formations and ZANU PF, over which draft of the new charter to proceed with.

A statement from the MDC-T said they feared a faction of ZANU PF is planning to “cause chaos and mayhem at the Second All Stakeholders Conference so as to collapse the process”.

They also claimed that the police, led by Commissioner Chihuri, “would be too glad to watch idly while the ZANU PF thugs harass the delegates to the conference”.

As a result the party said they insist that the executive, meaning Robert Mugabe, “ensure that satisfactory mechanisms are put in place to stop the criminal elements from disturbing the conference”.

In addition, the MDC-T insists that SADC, the African Union and the international community supervise and monitor the Second All Stakeholders Conference, with assurances that all the necessary security arrangements have been made.

The party’s secretary for elections, Seiso Moyo, told SW Radio Africa that it is public knowledge that elements within ZANU PF tried to disrupt the first All Stakeholders Conference in 2009 and the party is seeing the same signs of resistance and refusal to follow the GPA.

“Our concern now is really from the point of view of elections. We want a free and fair process. And this conference being part of that electoral process, if it is disturbed, then we don’t see a Zimbabwe in which people can make those kinds of decisions freely and fairly,” Moyo explained.

Meanwhile there continues to be confusion over what the ZANU PF politburo has decided to do about the deadlocked Constitutional process.

According to the Herald, the Politburo resolved to take the COPAC draft to the Second All Stakeholders Conference and also want the national report, based on the outreach program, to be published. They insist this is the only way people could see if their views are represented in the draft.

But ZBC reported that the Politburo ‘resolved’ to stand by its amended draft, even though there was no consensus among the Principles. ZBC quoted ZANU PF Secretary for Information and Publicity, Rugare Gumbo, saying: "Failure by the principals to come up with a consensus will result in a stakeholders meeting deciding on the COPAC or the audited draft.” SW Radio Africa

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