Mutedza’s private parts were missing …. family tells court to release 29 MDC activists

Tichaona Mutedza, the young brother to slain police officer, Inspector Petros Mutedza stunned the High Court today when he said he observed that his brother’s private parts were missing when he saw him at the mortuary.

Mutedza made the shocking remarks during the fresh bail application of the 29 MDC members who are being falsely accused of murdering the police officer in May last year.

The matter is being heard before Justice Chinembiri Bhunu. Some of the accused have been in remand prison for 16 months.

In a heart wrenching account, he said the injuries on his brother were inconsistent with what senior police officials had said earlier. “I was told by the police officers that my brother had been struck once on the left side of the head,” said Mutedza.

“However, when I saw his body at the mortuary his chest had blood flowing down to his private parts. I then examined his body and observed that his private parts were missing while his police uniform was torn with the buttons missing,” said Mutedza.

He was accompanied to court today by his elderly father, Solomon Mutedza.

“He also had injuries on his head which included an opening on the forehead covered with cotton wool and another opening on the right cheek and I was shocked that this was caused by the object that had struck my brother,” said Mutedza.

After this observation, he was not allowed to view the body any further. The family had a private body viewing at their rural home in Mukumbura and again it was confirmed that the private parts were missing. “We could not make a formal report to the police about these inconsistencies as there were a lot of senior police and army officials, Central Intelligence Organisation officers and Zanu PF people.

“The burial had been turned into a Zanu PF campaign and I decided to leave before burial,” an emotional Mutedza said.

Mutedza’s statement and the conflicting accounts from State witnesses, exonerate the MDC activists.

The continued incarceration of the 29 members is a clear indication of the selective application of the law by the State and that this is purely a political case.

Mutedza said the police must investigate and arrest the real murderers of his dear brother. Mutedza also told the court that before this tragic death, he had been informed that his brother’s life was in danger and he strongly believes that there was a sinister ploy to murder his brother.

Tichaona Mutedza will continue to give evidence tomorrow.

Meanwhile, five of the 29 MDC members in remand prison are failing to access medical care at a private hospital as the prison officials say the inmates must provide their own fuel.

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