Police go berserk in Harare

Police details on Wednesday morning went berserk, indiscriminately beating up commuter omnibus crews in retaliation for the reported assaulting of their colleagues.

Police crossing 4th Street.
Police crossing 4th Street.

The truncheon-wielding details descended on public transport drop-off points, targeting mostly kombi assistants who they insisted should divulge the identities of those that assaulted two police officers last Thursday.

The Zimbabwean visited the Copacabana, Fourth Street and Harare Central Police Station pick-up and drop-off points where its news crew witnessed the police details beating up people.

Kombi drivers and some innocent civilians were also caught up in the mayhem.

Members of the terror group, Chipangano, which is aligned to Zanu (PF) and is seeking to control rank fees at various bus termini, are believed to have been the ones that beat up the two police officers.

Police mounted ad hoc roadblocks on roads leading into town where they forced kombi assistants, also known as hwindis, to disembark before assaulting them with truncheons.

The grim incidents were not without humor, though.

As one kombi approached one of the roadblocks, passengers advised the assistant to join and pretend to be one of them.

In response, he remarked: “They will always identify me. I haven’t bathed and I stink, as is typical of us hwindis.”

When contacted for comment, Harare Provincial Spokesperson, Chief Inspector James Sabau initially requested The Zimbabwean to call later, but when subsequent attempts were made, he was not responding.

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