Prime Minister’s lover claiming US$15,000 in maintenance

Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo, Morgan Tsvangirai’s ex, is claiming US$15,000 in monthly maintenance. She filed the claim at the civil court in Harare on Wednesday.

It remains unclear as to whether she was his lover, his mistress, or his customary wife.

Locadia claims Tsvangirai paid lobola to her parents in November last year, he claims he paid damages. She is saying she requires $15,000 a month because during their relationship she became accustomed to a high standard of living.

She also maintains that she was pregnant, became ill, and that Tsvangirai continued to pay her hospital bills in South Africa. She says she subsequently suffered a miscarriage.

Locadia maintains Tsvangirai is refusing to be in contact with her and has ignored letters to settle the matter out of court, leaving her no choice but to claim through the civil court.

There was clearly something very strange about this relationship and suggestions that the CIO were involved have some credibility. The relationship seemed to have been almost choreographed, as was the information fed to the media.

But concern has been expressed about Tsvangirai’s love life, as he has been linked to numerous women since the death of his wife in 2009. His choices have often seemed less than wise.

Locadia’s sister is a ZANU PF MP and on September 15th he will be formalising his marriage to Elizabeth Macheka, daughter of a ZANU-PF politburo member. Media reports also say that Macheka is widow to airforce wing commander Masimba Sasa Guma, who allegedly led a number of violent farm invasions on white owned commercial farms, between 2000 and 2002.

Macheka is 25 years younger than Tsvangirai.

Breakdown of Locadia’s $15,000 monthly maintenance claim:

$3,000 rent

$4,000 groceries

$1,500 clothing allowance

$500 electricity

$1,200 telephone

$500 maid

$300 gardener

$1,000 vehicle and fuel

$700 medical aid

$250 water

$1,700 for hair and beauty

$350 driver.

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