Public servants must know the laws

Mozambique’s Minister for the Public Service, Vitoria Diogo, on Thursday insisted that state employees must study and learn in detail the legislation that governs the public administration.

At a meeting with state officials in the Maputo municipal district of Katembe, Diogo said that only if they knew the laws, would they be able to comply with their duties and understand their rights.

Diogo, who was monitoring implementation of the government’s programme in the public administration, urged all public servants to show greater attention and respect to the citizens whom they are supposed to serve.

“We cannot forget where we came from, where we are and where we are going”, she said. “We have to study the legislation to understand our duties and rights”.

By way of example, Diogo pointed to the existence of state functionaries who are appointed to managerial positions by their immediate superiors, but without the approval of the Administrative Tribunal, the body that verifies the legality of public expenditure. Failure to obtain approval from the Tribunal rendered such appointments null and void.

“In the public administration, nobody can be in a leading position without a dispatch (from the Tribunal), and any decisions taken by people in this position have no effect”, she warned.

She noted that there are many complains among state employees, in Katembe as elsewhere in the country, concerning the slow way in which appointments to change job are dealt with, delays in the payment of overtime and of funeral allowances, as well as in processing the documents required for a retirement pension.

The Mozambican state currently employs rather more than 247,000 staff, the majority of whom work in the education and health sectors.

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