Tsvangirai’s wife is not Zanu (PF): Mwonzora

MDC-T national spokesman, Douglas Mwonzora, has scoffed at claims that party President, Morgan Tsvangirai, has married into Zanu (PF). Many MDC-T supporters and some sections of the media have sounded disapproval of Tsvangirai’s love choices since the mainstream MDC leader lost his first wife, Susan, in a road accident in 2009.


A few years ago, condemnation followed Tsvangirai’s alleged impregnation of Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo, whom some people have accused of being a Zanu (PF) spy out to siphon internal MDC information and strategies for the benefit of Mugabe’s party.

While Karimatsenga has gone on a personal offensive of trying to stop Tsvangirai’s tentative 15 September marriage to new lover, Elizabeth Macheka, some critics have already sounded the same alarm bells they made when her identity was revealed. However, Mwonzora defended the proposed marriage, saying that being the daughter of former Harare Mayor and Zanu (PF) loyalist – Joseph Macheka did not make Elizabeth a bad choice.

“My father’s party is not my party and the same should work for Elizabeth,” said Mwonzora in Johannesburg. “Tsvangirai has not married in Zanu (PF), but is marrying a beautiful woman worthy to be our next first lady, who has agreed to marry him because she agrees with him on many issues. “In my family of five children, three of my siblings are war veterans who love and side with Mugabe, but I cannot imagine sharing a toilet seat with the man (Mugabe),” said the MDC spokesman.

“One of Elizabeth’s brothers is also heavily involved in the MDC, where he is an organising secretary, and why don’t people think that she can be supporting her brother’s party as well? That is also possible.”

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