UN urged to close the door on ‘illegitimate’ Mugabe

The United Nations headquarters will this weekend be the site of a mass protest by Zimbabweans in the US, who are urging the world body to take a tough stance with Robert Mugabe.


Mugabe is set to attend the UN General Assembly in New York, an event which allows him to travel to the US despite international targeted sanctions against him and his regime.

Zimbabweans in the US are now being urged to join the planned protest at the UN headquarters in New York on Saturday, to “demonstrate to the world that Robert Mugabe is now an illegitimate leader who should not be welcomed by the United Nations for the General Assembly.”

The protest, dubbed ‘Operation Take Back Zimbabwe,’ forms part of the monthly 21st Movement global protests that have been taking place across the world every month. The coordinator of the protests, Den Moyo, told SW Radio Africa that Mugabe is an “illegitimate leader and his views are not representative of Zimbabweans.”

“His legitimacy has now expired since he was only President because of the SADC-sponsored Global Political Agreement (GPA) which he has not honoured,” Moyo said.

He added: “Mugabe is not wanted at the UN, who we believe has a role to play in Zimbabwe’s future. We would like to see the UN not wait until a bloodbath like we saw in 2008. We want them to act now and provide monitors and peacekeepers before and during elections.”

More protests have been planned to take place on the day, including demonstrations in London and South Africa. Details of the protests can be found on the Facebook page for the 21st Movement: https://www.facebook.com/events/142435845900283/ https://www.facebook.com/events/142435845900283/

Moyo meanwhile said that the US movement plans to “hound” Mugabe during his stay in the US “to let him know that the people of Zimbabwe are sick and tired of his tyrannical rule and we want freedom now.” – SW Radio Africa News

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