WOZA protests against constitutional squabbling

Hundreds of members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise on Tuesday gathered in front of Parliament building in Harare to protest against the continued political squabbling which is derailing the constitution-making process.

Police address WOZA demonstrators outside parliament.
Police address WOZA demonstrators outside parliament.

Zanu (PF) is resisting a constitutional draft that was recently completed, insisting on changes relating especially to executive powers and devolution.

However, the other two parties to the Global Political Agreement, MDC-T and MDC-N, are hearing none of that and maintain there will be no further negotiations Under the auspices of the GPA’s Article 6, signed on 15 September 2008, the government of national unity is supposed to come up with a constitution that would pave way for a free and fair election.

WOZA issued a statement spelling out its grievances.

“WOZA has completed consultation regarding its position on the current constitutional and political scenarios. Members have expressed concern over the continued political squabbling that is affecting progress and that the constitutional reform process is far too dependent on political negotiation rather than views of their political party members and ordinary citizens,” said the statement.

WOZA said the Parliamentary Select Committee that was mandated with drafting the constitution had become a liability.

“COPAC has become a liability and waste of resources,” said WOZA.

“Members are gravely concerned about the continued deployment of militia and war veterans in the community in violation of the GPA.”

WOZA also expressed concern over police disruptions of peaceful demonstrations, calling on SADC and the UN to intervene to stop the police harassment of innocent civilians.

The organisation complained that its members

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