ZAMPS Q3 2012 data ready

Independent, marketing-funded research on what people watch, read and listen to, what they buy, where, as well as what they feel about topical issues, will be presented at Research Bureau International on Tuesday, September 25.

Coordinated by the Zimbabwe Advertising Research Foundation, (ZARF) the survey covers the information and shopping habits of Zimbabweans. It is the biggest piece of media and market research commissioned quarterly and funded by a 1.5 per cent levy on all advertising placed in this country.

Now in its 16th year, the Zimbabwe Media and All Products Survey’slatest results are now out and will be presented to all. The data is commissioned by the ZARF, on which sit representatives of all major media houses, advertisers and marketing agencies. Every two years the ZARF board goes to tender for a research house to conduct the survey. Research Bureau International won the last contract and will present the findings.

In the most recent survey, 1,200 people, selected using a Kish grid, in all urban centres will form the basis for the results. This year half the interviewers used hand-held, android smart phones linked to SODA software that instantly inputs the data via internet. This is then switched and split for further analysis, permitting instant in-field checking, which not only speeds up the data collection process but reduces any errors that might occur through multiple handling of the information.

“We are proud of the quality of our data, which has become a benchmark for the advertising industry globally,” Major Tikiwa, the ZARF board chairman said. “Advertisers trust it because it is commissioned independently, by people who know what information they need to make informed decisions about advertising placement. This new technology, trialed this quarter, will improve the quality of our research.”

Entry to the presentation, which gives a broad over-view of the findings, is free for marketing and advertising professionals and CDs, with over 1 million pieces of essential information, will be on sale at $50 each.

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