ZRP investigate colleagues

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is investigating the death of Harrison Manyati, a crime suspect who died from injuries allegedly sustained during police torture at Makoni Police Station.

Manyati, 24, was a suspect under police custody when officers reportedly assaulted and tortured him on 4 September to force a confession.

He died nine days later from the injuries.

Recently-appointed police spokesperson, Tadius Chibanda, said they had instigated an investigation but was quick to warn against “convicting” the police officers involved.

“We all know that no-one is above the law, thus we are trying to establish what transpired. If the police details are guilty, they will be brought before a court of law,” said Chibanda.

Chibanda cautioned the public from concluding and blaming police on such issues before a complete investigation was carried out.

The officer, Mbaura Chipinge (59) pleaded guilty to a culpable homicide charge when he stood before High Court judge, Nicholas Ndou.

Tafadzwa Mpariwa, the local prosecutor, told the court that on 18 October 2010, Chipinge went to the deceased’s home to investigate a case of a stolen bicycle. The officer was told by a relative that the deceased was not around, however, neighbours advised Chipinge that the deceased was inside the house.

Chipinge returned to the house and questioned the deceased about the cycle theft. It is alleged Chipinge then struck him with an open hand on the face twice and the deceased confessed to having stolen the bicycle.

When they were about to leave the homestead, the deceased started shaking and frothing at the mouth and requested to lie down. Chipinge then left the deceased in the company of his relatives but he subsequently collapsed and died. A medical report put forward as evidence indicated the deceased had died from head injuries and assault.

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