Remote village enjoys internet access

Villagers in and around Chibuwe village have welcomed the opening of an internet café by local businessperson Lilli Ford as a brave and innovative way of bringing information to hard-to-reach communities.

“If we have internet access, we can get news from the country and the world. It will also help us do academic research,” said a student at Chibuwe High School, Faith Sithole.

A community elder, Phainos Bote, said although most villagers did not understand internet issues, it was a welcome development as Ford had promised free training to villagers, especially youths.

“If our children can be able to use it, the whole community will benefit. My church faced problems in communicating with American partners who always send emails. We had to send someone to Chipinge town to read and print the emails for us,” Bote said.

A teacher at Chibuwe Primary School, Takesure Murimbechi, said the availability of internet in their community was positive as they could now easily access information. He said they used to rely much on newspapers, which arrived late.

“Leaflets and newsletters from political parties and NGOs have biased information because those people have agendas,” he said.

Zimbabwe has an internet penetration of 34 percent, with most people using cellphones in a country that now enjoys a tele-density of close to 90 percent, according to Techzim.

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