Anjin workers’ concerns ignored

Workers at diamond mining company Anjin Investments complained that their health and well being was affected by working too close to their living quarters.

Anjin workers are forced to work less than five metres from their living quarters
Anjin workers are forced to work less than five metres from their living quarters

“They have started drilling less than five metres away from our homes. We have complained several times but nothing is being done. The ventilation is poor and intimidation is rampant with workers being told that they are free to leave if they are not happy,” one worker said.

The workers are concerned about poor sanitary conditions, overcrowded and substandard accommodation and noise pollution.

“More than five workers have contracted tuberculosis because of air pollution.

We have raised these issues with management but nothing has been done,” another worker said.

The company is also said to have recently failed to renew the contract of former workers’ representatives whom the other employees accuse of having connived with the management following a strike which was declared illegal by the High Court.

In August last year, Anjin fired more than 1,500 workers and seven members of the worker’s committee who went on strike demanding better salaries and working conditions.

Some of the workers were allegedly rehired after signing contracts stipulating they cannot embark on job action.

When contacted for comment on the workers allegations, Anjin Human Resources Manager, Lindiwe Ngwenya said: “What has that got to do with me?”

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