Avoiding internet cheats

Hundreds of people have been tricked into handing over money for free cellphone applications like Whatsapp and Opera Mini mobile browser on Harare’s First Street.

Whatsapp is free and easy to download.
Whatsapp is free and easy to download.

The fraudsters occupy the entrance to the Econet
First Street Shop and pounce on those who want to configure internet
settings on their phones.
They charge up to $5 for the internet settings which are free when customers approach their mobile
network service providers. Whatsapp and Opera Mini can both be
downloaded directly to a mobile phone for as little as $1 worth
of internet data.

Econet settings

According to the Econet website, you can send a blank message for free to
145 and you will receive two messages confirming your activation.
The first message notifies you that Econet has received your request
for data activation, whilst the second message notifies you that
your number has been provisioned for data.

This simply means that your number will now be active for data. Once
you have received the second message, switch the handset off
and on again.
Econet said that if you do not receive the confirmation message, retry after
30 minutes.

Once activation is confirmed, you will receive configuration settings and your phone will prompt you to save or install the received settings as default. Once the settings are successfully saved/installed you should be able to connect.

If the line is already activated for internet, simply type a message ALL and send to 222.
You will receive two messages. The first is a confirmation of your
request and the second one will contain the configurations for your
device. Save or install received configuration settings as default
restart your phone.

Telecel settings

In order to receive internet settings for a Telecel line, you need to
insert your line in an internet enabled phone and you will automatically receive the setting. Once you save or install the configuration settings, your phone will be able to connect to the internet. If you do not receive the settings, or encounter any problems, you
call 150 toll free and a Telecel Customer Care Centre assistant
will send the settings to your mobile phone.

Net*One settings

For your Net*One line to access the internet, go to your phone’s
internet settings. For most handsets, you type Netone as your default
configuration settings and internet.

For queries and assistance, you can call toll-free to 123. Once your phone is connected to the internet, you can download other applications to enhance your internet usage.

Below are some of the common mobile applications that you can
download for a few cents of data.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the most preferred browser, mainly because it is free
and user friendly.
 To download Opera Mini, go to your phone’s default browser
and type the address www.operamini.com. You will be prompted to
download the Opera Mini version suitable for your handset.

Depending on the version, the application is usually about 300-500
kilobytes in size, which means it will cost you less than 20 cents
worth of data.
However, for later smartphones, like those running on the Android
 operating system, the application can be bigger, up to 1 megabyte. It will still not cost more than 50 cents.


Most modern smart phones are compatible with the instant messaging
system, Whatsapp.
To download Whatsapp, go to www.whatsapp.com and you will be
prompted to download the version of Whatsapp that is suitable for
your phone.
The application is usually 1.2 megabytes for smaller smartphones, and
can be as big as 10 megabytes for bigger smartphones.

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