MP’s geography cost him a seat

Despite the fact MP Heneri Dzinotyiweyi worked hard to develop his community, his decision to live outside the constituency caused him to lose in the recent primary election to Costa Machingauta (37).

“Dzinotyiweyi lost because he is not a resident in Budiriro and not because of poor performance. He did his work so well in terms of development as he drilled many boreholes and helped many schools in the constituency,” said Tavengwa Marange, a resident. “The other thing that contributed to his fall is that he was not in touch with the people and the electorate want a leader who is readily available.”

Another supporter who declined to be named said the MP, an academic and Minister of Science and Technology, was running a high profile life.

“In terms of merit, Dzinotyiweyi is well ahead of Machingauta but I think he was running a high profile status, worlds apart with people in the community,” said the MDC-T supporter.

Machingauta admitted that residing in Budiriro played to his advantage during the primaries.

“People really consider who you are, where you come from and how you are doing your work,” he said. “However, I am in harmony with Dzinotyiwei and we always communicate. Both the party’s leadership and people want a democratic party in which all age groups are afforded equal opportunities.”

Dzinotyiweyi said the electorate in Budiriro appreciated the work he did in the community and if everything had been done fairly he would have won.

“It is not about staying in the constituency. We have five schools in Budiriro with state of the art libraries and there is no other community developed like Budiriro,” he said.

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