Mugabe heads back to Singapore

Robert Mugabe on Tuesday once again left Zimbabwe, despite his own party’s critical primary elections being underway and the country’s state of confusion over when general elections will be held.


Mugabe is heading back to Singapore, just over two weeks since his last visit there.

The official line is that he is having a routine checkup of his eyes, and he will return to Zimbabwe at the weekend.

In his absence, a number of court challenges will be heard in a bid to finalise when the election will be held, in the aftermath of Mugabe’s unilateral proclamation of a July 31st poll.

Mugabe is a frequent Far Eastern visitor and spends much of his time travelling back and forth for medical care.

Although ZANU PF continuously dismisses any reports that the ageing Mugabe has serious health problems, there is widespread speculation that the care he is receiving is ‘specialist’.

Last year the rumour mill was sent spinning when Mugabe made another trip to the Far East amid reports that he was receiving urgent cancer treatment.

Again, ZANU PF insisted the treatment was routine and eye related.

Observers however have pointed out that every time he returns from his frequent Singapore jaunts, Mugabe looks healthier and more sprightly than when he left. This in turn has made people wonder just what kind of treatment he is receiving. – SW Radio Africa News

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