Ban NGOs: governor

Manicaland governor, Chris Mushowe, wants several non-governmental organisations to be banned, accusing them of wanting them to bring about regime change. Addressing NGOs and some white commercial farmers last week, Mushowe claimed some NGOs were funded by the West to further its regime change in the country. “Most NGOs here are funded by US intelligence organisations and the British. They are part of the regime change agenda. In fact, I have the figures that prove their source of funding,

They are destabilising the country and causing confusion. Such NGOs must be banned. I will chuck them out of my province if they incite political violence,” said Mushowe.

National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations chairman, Cephas Zinhumwe, said his organisation was not involved in politics and would work with all the political parties in Zimbabwe.

Speaking to stakeholders at a local hotel recently Zinhumwe said: “We are apolitical. We work well with all political parties. NANGO thrives to create space and identify opportunities for non-governmental organisations to pursue their visions and missions.”

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