Diplomatic offensive for clean roll

Human rights pressure group Zimrights has launched a diplomatic offensive to push for voter inspection after the end of the registration exercise. The move comes amid reports that Zanu (PF), working in cahoots with Registrar General Tobaiwa Mudede, is manipulating the voters roll through registration of non-existent people and elimination of others in constituencies where the former ruling party is weak.


In order to conceal the rigging mechanism, the party is understood to have published fake results during its primary elections where some of its candidates “won” with astronomical margins in constituencies understood to be strongholds of MDC-T. For instance, in Mbizo constituency, Kwekwe, currently held by MDC-T’s Settlement Chikwinya, the wife of Defence Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa “won” the primary election with over 17,000 votes. However, people who voted for different parties in 2008, posted less than half the figure in the constituency whose total population is no more than 50,000.

In an interview with The Zimbabwean in his home area of Lalapansi on Sunday, Okay Machisa, the Director of Zimrights said his organisation was lobbying for an inspection of the voters roll after closure of the registration period later this month.

“We have written letters to ZEC, SADC and the AU demanding that there be an inspection of the voters roll by any citizen of Zimbabwe after expiry of the registration exercise sometime this month. ZEC’s response has been that the inspection should happen concurrently with registration but now we are saying that is what is not effective. How can you say the time that you are told that you have been registered is the same as when you should inspect the roll?” asked Machisa.

The fierce human rights fighter, who was recently set free of trumped up charges of forgery and conspiracy to commit fraud or publishing false statements prejudicial to the State, expressed hope that his organisation’s efforts would bear fruit.

Since last month, Zimrights has been mobilising people throughout the country to participate in the next elections and choose the leaders they want without fear. The organisation recently launched its Feya Feya (Free free) campaign in Bulawayo calling for free and fair elections.

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