Interactive maps to track results, highlight anomalies

The human rights pressure group Sokwanele is working on a number of election maps to report accurately the results of the 2013 election and highlight potential rigging. The online maps will make the election results clearly and easily accessible with interactive detail (e.g. hover and click on a constituency to expose detail). In addition, the maps will be quickly comparable to the 2008 data in visual form.

Illustrated above is Sokwanele’s ‘battleground map’ showing margins of win in 2008 and highlighting the narrowest margins to biggest margins by colour coding.

The darkest colours on the map are the ones where candidates won with the narrowest victories in 2008. In theory, this is where competition may be at its fiercest this time around. Light colours are where candidates easily won their seats.

This makes it clear in which constituencies competition is likely to be fiercest. They plan to do the same with the 2013 results, so people can quickly see which constituencies had the narrowest wins. The 2008 data will be immediately to hand to check whether this is plausible. The plan is to build maps showing swing and turnout as well – highlighting anomalies such as large swings, excessively high turnout etc) and raising questions that need answers from the authorities.

The maps can be seen at: and browsed interactively by hovering over the constituencies to pull up details. Results and margin maps for 2013 results will be added as they are released.

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