We'll vote later say youths

Most youths here intend to vote later towards the end of the day. Voting started at 7am with a high turnout of the electorate but queues seem to be dwindling as the day progresses.

Paradzai Manyonga
Paradzai Manyonga

In separate interview with the Zimbabwean, most youths in various suburbs of Harare said there was nothing to rush for and congest the polling stations with the elderly and those rushing to work.

“I am going to vote later. Let those panicking vote now and our turn would definitely come. In this election it is the youth’s vote that would determine the election,” said Pasca Goteka of Mbare.

Another youth, Paradzai Manyonga (21) said he was waiting for the long queues and pressure to subdue.

“I will vote around 5pm when there is less pressure. There is nothing to rush for, the youth would vote when the game (election) reaches the penalty stages of voting,” he said.

A man only identified as Musondo said he cast his vote in Sunningdale Constituency early in the morning and the queues were not very long.

“It took me 30 minutes to vote at St Michael School as there was order and many booths for people to vote,” he said.

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