8th Parliament: newcomers speak out

TheZimbabwean spoke to some of the new legislators to find out their plans for activities during the next Parliamentary term.

Oliver Mandipaka
Oliver Mandipaka

Oliver Mandipaka (Buhera West)

“There is a lot that needs to be done in Buhera West. My major assignment is the issue of road infrastructure, especially the road that connects Murambinda to Birchenough Bridge that needs to be tarred.

“Also, rural electrification is vital for Buhera West. We need to drill boreholes in drought stricken areas and make use of dams like Mutuna dam which are being under-utilised. We need to implement irrigation projects to improve peoples’ lives.”

Joseph Chinotimba (Buhera South)

“I do not want to talk about any particular programme or project except to say that it is the people who will propose the programmes they want implemented in their areas and I will give them assistance as their Member of Parliament.”

Solomon Madzore (Dzivarasekwa)

“Firstly, I would like to be visible and directly engage with the people. I will work closely with councillors to make sure that the issue of ownership of houses is finalised. There is also the issue of water, which might not necessarily be my direct responsibility, but I will work to ensure people receive clean water.

I will also ensure that health facilities in Dzivarasekwa are upgraded.”

Wunganayi Tarusenga (St Mary’s)

My programmes are people-based; the people who will come up with their own programmes. However, I will be focusing on the informal sector and will look at how I can assist people.”

Simon Chidhakwa (Zengeza West)

“There are a lot of things to look at in terms of development in that constituency. The infrastructure is dilapidated and there is the issue of water supply and unemployment.”

Jonathan Samkange (Mudzi South)

“Education, clean water and accessible roads will be top of my priorities. I intend to bring real development to Mudzi South. There is a lot of gold in that area which is being misused because of gold panning and I intend to bring in investors who will work with the local community in making maximum use of that gold.”

Godfrey Sithole (Chitungwiza North)

“I would like to set up a Constituency Development Committee which will be comprised of elected councillors from across the political divide as well as community leaders. We can then have consultations with residents to find out projects that can be implemented to improve their lives.” – Edgar Gweshe

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