A new name, a failed vote

MDC-T local authority election candidate, Veronicah Matutu (49), was shocked to learn that her name had been changed at the Registrar General’s office without her consent, when she went to cast her vote at Chin’ono School Polling Station in Murewa on July 31.

This was despite her inspection of the voters’ roll on July 6 at Murewa Centre.

Initially she was told that her name was missing from the voters’ roll and there was no way she could cast her ballot. Matutu told the presiding officer that when she submitted her candidature at the nomination court to contest in the ward councilorship election, her name was on the voters’ roll and there was no way she could have qualified to be a contestant without being registered as a voter.

She vowed not to leave the polling centre without casting her ballot.

Matutu had to threaten to take the issue up with higher offices before the presiding officer phoned Murewa Business Centre election command post.

“The command centre revealed that my name had been changed to my maiden name without my knowledge,” said Matutu.

As MDC-T local government Ward 3 election candidate, Matutu was legally married to Langton Matutu on July 5, 1985 and her name was changed from Veronicah Shoniwa to Veronicah Matutu.

Matutu suspects that her name was changed after she submitted her candidature with the nomination court in early July. There are reports that thousands of women could have failed to vote after their names were tampered with.

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