Baba Jukwa: The giant still lives

When President Robert Mugabe and Zanu (PF) were declared the winners of the election, which many believe was stolen, many thought it would signal the demise of Facebook darling, Baba Jukwa. But his popularity has refused to wane.

The “rogue spy” had just under 300,000 followers when the polls were conducted and barely a month later, has added more than 68,000 new ones. Some of his posts still solicit as many as 850 comments and close to 1,000 likes. He has vowed to continue fighting “till my evil party Zanu (PF) goes”.

“It is funny if people think that I am finished,” said Jukwa recently. “When the crocodile goes under water, it doesn’t mean to say that it is dead. It is dreaming about its next prey. Baba Jukwa is alive, fit and fine. Those who think the Vapanduki (rebels) train has derailed are misguided. We will continue to expose evil until our land is free from the evil we are experiencing.”

Last weekend, Jukwa exposed a clampdown code-named “Operation Clean House”, targeting influential Zimbabwean opposition politicians, army deserters and incisive journalists in exile, who include freelance reporter Thuso Khumalo and The Zimbabwean’s duo of Mxolisi Ncube and Mkhululi Chimoio.

“There is a team of S.A.S men who are deployed in South Africa to capture and assassinate Roleen Gandiwa (former Presidential Guard member) whom they believe is based there, Roy Bennett, Alexio Roache who is said to be a French Secret Service, a Nyathi Butho and also, Major Kembo has a score to settle with Kodzi, who he bashed and dumped in a crocodile infested dam but survived by the God’s grace,” said Jukwa.

“Also targeted are journalists from The Zimbabwean who include Mkhululi Chimoio and Mxolisi Ncube a former cop as they have covered the desperately sort soldiers stories and Thuso Khumalo with Voice of America studio 7. Other journalists targeted include Robyn Curnow of CNN Reporter and Andrew Harding, a BBC Reporter, for interviewing Baba Jukwa.”

The team is said to be led by Major Kembo as its Director of Ops and alternating bases around Randburg, Hillbrow and Kensington in Johannesburg.

“If anything happens to any of the above mentioned people please make sure the world knows Zanu (PF) is responsible. The task of abducting and killing these three journos is initiated through a man masquerading as a pastor Mlamuli Simango who is with external operations of CIO and this man also disguises himself as a Zapu member and knows the journos very well.”

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