Banking employees demonstrate against NMB

The Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union today held a demonstration picketing against the NMB Bank Limited management for granting themselves hefty salary increments at the expense of non-managerial staff.

“This is a last resort of any trade union, we have exhausted all other legal channels to try and resolve the salary wrangle at NMB Bank in the recent years.

“Last year the management awarded itself 30 percent salary increments while the non-managerial staff netted 4, 9 percent,” ZBAWU President, Farai Katsande, said at the demonstration at the NMB Bank head office along Kwame Nkrumah Avenue, this afternoon (Friday).

He revealed that NMB Bank management was netting over $10,000 salary per month while an ordinary worker was getting a paltry $500 monthly wage.

“If you give your workers peanuts they will behave like monkeys. This year the same management got another 30 percent plus $50,000 car loans that also come with a car service loan, while for the workers it came down to 3, 5 percent. What is 30 percent of $10,000 and three percent of $500?”

Dozens of ZBAWU members attended the demonstration while none of the NMB workers were present.

“When we conduct such demonstrations, we do not involve directly the concerned workers to avoid retribution. We got our police clearance and are doing this as our democratic right according to Section 104 of the Labour Act,” said Katsande.

He said the bank was claiming incapacity to grant salary increments for workers due to lack of money.

“If there is no money, where are they getting funds to grant 30 percent increments on top of hefty salaries and loans to managerial staff?

The union’s president threatened that if workers’ grievances were not addressed they would resort to road demonstrations and strikes.

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