Battle for council chairman

There is division among Zanu (PF) councilors here following the reported election of Stewart Jena as Karoi Town Council Chairman last week.

According to party insiders, Jena was appointed by a committee headed by Maodzwa during a party caucus meeting held at Karoi Country Club last week.

Karoi had 10 MDC councilors following the 2008 election but tables turned when Zanu (PF) snatched seven wards during the July 31 elections.

‘’Richard Ziki threw his hat in as a candidate for chairmanship but he garnered only two votes from six members present,’’ said a source who declined to be named.

MDC-T councilors denied that any part in Jena’s ‘’election’’, calling it a circus.

‘’We are surprised that Zanu (PF) councilors are involving us in their camps as we were never part of the scheme. Whatever is done outside is a circus and we are not part of that,’’ said one MDC councilor who refused to be named.

Another Zanu (PF) member confirmed the meeting and blamed the junta leader Maodzwa for sidelining women.

‘’We have two female councilors from Zanu (PF) and MDC-T and if we are to be gender sensitive the vice must be a woman,’’ he said.

The female councilors are Susan Bhero for Zanu (PF) and Abigirl Usavi for MDC-T.

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