Business comes to standstill in Warren Park

Business temporarily came to a standstill in Warren Park 1 this afternoon (Wednesday) when thousands of MDC-T supporters and mourners flooded the streets in the western suburb, toy -toying and marching with the body of the late Rebecca Mafukeni.

Mafukeni, the party’s Provincial Youth Assembly deputy Organising Secretary for Harare, died on Monday at Parirenyatwa Hospital after falling ill while in prison at Chikurubi Maximum Prison where she was being detained.

Mafukeni was one of the 29 MDC-T activists arrested in Glen View on 30 May 2011 for allegedly killing a police officer. She was not part of the 21 imprisoned activists who were granted bail late last year.

Most streets leading to the Warren Park Hills Cemetery from house number 34 Fifth Avenue where mourners were gathered, into Sherwood Drive and Bulawayo highway, were temporarily blocked paving way for the marching supporters who were joined by residents.

MDC-T National Youth Assembly leader, Solomon Madzore led the group chanting slogans and songs that say “Give us a chance to mourn our heroine”.

Efforts by a police officer to thwart the move fell on deaf ears when a youth who was stopping traffic into the Bulawayo road as the crowd was fast approaching and eventually blocked the highway for about 30 minutes.

Mourners were gathered at number 34, Fifth Avenue Warren Park 1.

Party’s leadership including the President and outgoing Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai delivered messages of condolences, while Amai Mafukeni, Rebecca’s mother spoke on behalf of the family at the graveyard.

She was buried around 4pm.

Amai Mafukeni said Zanu (PF) has robbed her of her heroine who was a bread winner and family’s leader.

“Now that she has died who is going to fend for us, for she was the breadwinner who looked after the whole family. She was our heroine and we did not realise that she had such an important figure,” said the sorrowful Amai Mafukeni.

Madzore said the National Youth Assembly has been robbed of a great fighter and soldier who was determined to see a new Zimbabwe and promised to continue with the legacy.

“We will not shy away but continue with the work that Mafukeni started. Today we bury one of our heroes who have died in the same manner Learnmore Judah Jongwe was killed in prison. In 2008 we lost most of our comrades and now they have done it again,” said Madzore while addressing the mourners at the graveyard.

He said MDC-T was a peace-loving party and they would not be poked into violence.

“Let no party or people mistake our calmness for stupidity while we have been robbed of victory due to rigging. But gona, ana gona wake. Jehova vari kudenga vanoona and kunyangwe uyine mauto akasimba sei vanokudzorera. (What goes around comes around and no matter how strong your army might be, God can deal with you),” said Madzore.

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