Children to get free medical care

At least 50 epileptic children will this year benefit from free health services to be administered by experts and specialists during the National Epilepsy Awareness Week.

The event aims to improve public understanding of the condition and create a Zimbabwean society where citizens with epilepsy enjoy the same rights, dignity and humanity as others. Epilepsy is a neurological medical condition, referred to as a seizure disorder, affecting a variety of mental and physical functions.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Zimbabwe reports that an estimated 500,000 Zimbabweans have epilepsy. Historically, people with the condition have been reluctant to seek medication and assistance because of the stigma associated with this disease.

ESFZ Director, Victor Mugwagwa, revealed that this year his organisation had mobilised at least 1,5 tonnes of rice set to be distributed to sufferers. In addition, at least 50 children will have the chance of a lifetime to be attended to by medical doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation technicians, diabetes specialists free of charge.

He said the organisation was in the process of identifying 50 children with disabilities from various communities.

ESFZ, in partnership with the corporate world, complements government efforts towards empowering and reducing stigma, social exclusion and discrimination against citizens with epilepsy. It works within communities giving knowledge on how to secure health care, implement best practices on handling epilepsy among employers, care givers, health workers and educators.

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