Dairy industry in crisis

The dairy industry in Manicaland province may not be able to
provide enough fresh milk to keep up with demand, a provincial representative of the Confederation of
 Zimbabwe Industries has said.

Manicaland Regional President, Charles Tavazadza, said the number of milk 
producers in the province was down from 33 farmers to 11.

“The sharp drop is
due to a lack of money to keep the farms 
running and a lack of training in current dairy operations and 
management,” he said. “It is likely that there will be a milk shortage in the near future. The 
reduced supply will lead to the probable closure of the Mutare Dairy 
Depot, a key first customer for both commercial and small-scale dairy 
farmers in the province.”

The closure of the depot was confirmed by an employee at the
firm: “The milk volume the depot receives has drastically 
fallen to levels too low to sustain operations”.

Efforts to get an official comment from Dairiboard management at 
Mutare Dairy Depot were unsuccessful.

Kenneth Masere, a newly resettled farmer, said as a small-scale dairy farmer 
based in Watsomba, he was finding
it difficult to survive without the necessary 
technological know how. “Yes, I have the farm to do dairy farming but I am failing to get 
technological assistance and capital that is essential for full 
production,” he said.

Masere said running a dairy project was costly for upcoming farmers.

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