Diaspora slams SADC, AU

The Southern African Development Community and African
Union’s endorsement of the elections was an attempt to
appease President Robert Mugabe, according to Zimbabweans in the Diaspora.

A demonstration by Zimbabweans in exile.
A demonstration by Zimbabweans in exile.

The Chairperson of the Zimbabwe
Exiles Forum, Gabriel Shumba, said it was disheartening that SADC and
AU observers turned a blind eye to the irregularities that
characterised the elections. Although Tsvangirai has hinted that he would vigorously lobby the SADC
and AU to reverse the election outcome, analysts say his efforts are
unlikely to bear fruit.

“The elections were a huge facade and an attempt to
hoodwink not only the international community, but the people of
Zimbabwe. African institutions that expectedly sanitised this fraud
should be ashamed.
It’s tragic that SADC and AU set themselves principles and standards
that they are ready to abandon for political expedience and
appeasement of President Mugabe,” said Shumba.

In March, the MDC-T Treasurer for the United Kingdom, Taurayi
Chamboko, told The Zimbabwean that exiled Zimbabweans were still afraid
of the political environment in the country.
Shumba dismissed claims that the Zimbabwean election was non-violent.

“It’s a lie that there was no violence. Although it was not 
overt, it was covert in the form of threats of death and assisted
voters. There was huge disenfranchisement, including that of over four
million externally displaced,” said Shumba.

He said that a re-run of the election was necessary to avoid another

“ZEF demands a re-run. Any other arrangement becomes another stagnating
GNU or worse, if Zanu (PF) goes it alone, the consequences
will be felt by ordinary Zimbabweans,” said Shumba.

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