Don’t say Jukwa haana kutaura

It’s clear that Zanu (PF) under Mugabe continues to ride roughshod over us.

My work to eradicate evil in my former party continues unabated. I might not be elected to my previous position in the party because I am finding it more prudent that I continue to captain the vapanduki train at this eleventh hour.

Things might seem like they are not moving, but let’s never lose hope in our struggle.
They have stolen the elections again but this time around the progressive forces within my former party are yet to surprise a lot of you. Don’t say Jukwa haana kutaura.

There are those of you who say we can’t fight the devil on facebook. This is true, but let me make it clear that behind the hundreds of thousands in the vapanduki train we have those working within the heart of the regime. Our supporters are scattered and at this moment they are all synergising to remove the evil that exists in our land.

Beloved Zimbabweans, this is not just a facebook war. Mugabe is not God, neither is Kasukuwere, Fengu or their friends. Wherever they go, they must watch their back because the forces of change are everywhere.
Our children’s future is our responsibility to secure.

We cannot afford to give in when the regime is numb with fear. In the meeting we had yesterday at HQ-the fear was palpable. You could feel it because Jukwa remains within the heart of the regime and everyone is Jukwa. Asijiki
Baba Jukwa

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