Family evicted over election vote

A family in Mutasa Central district that has
been staying on war veteran, Moses Chidawanyika’s, farm has been evicted
for allegedly voting for the MDC-T in the recent election.

John Dirwai, his wife and three children were
recently evicted by Chidawanyika, a staunch Zanu (PF) supporter and war
Trevor Saruwaka of MDC-T beat Innocent Benza of Zanu (PF) in the
Mutasa Central Constituency.
The family has put up plastic shacks on the side of the road with no toilet or water facilities.

“It all started when the MDC-T picked up a substantial
number of votes at our polling station. Chidawanyika
asked me which party I had voted for and I did not tell him, arguing
that my vote was my secret. This did not go down well and he
said he would find out the day after the election,” said

The following day, Chidawanyika asked
him again which party he had voted for but Dirwai gave the same response.

“On August 3 when the results were officially announced, he came
to me and accused me of being an MDC supporter. He told me to pack my
bags or I would face the consequences. I tried to talk to him but he
would not listen. He got assistance from other Zanu (PF) youths and forced me
out of his farm and now I have nowhere to go,” said Dirwai.

When contacted for comment, Chidawanyika said: “He (Dirwai) is now seeking
help from you. Go and help him. I did not evict him on political
grounds, I no longer have the money to pay him”.

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