Giving up is not an option

There are those in Zanu (PF) who secretly wish they were in my shoes. So many of them who would love to see the evil that is eating away at the party come to an end. Zanu (PF) has, over the years, lost many a comrade who chose to stand out and make a difference. These were selfless individuals who could not blindly follow stupid orders from evil people in the party to kill dissenting voices.

It’s not easy to do things that people in general would not normally dare to. When you choose to abscond from the road well-travelled and form your own path you have to be prepared to face all kinds of misunderstanding, criticism, wrongful accusations, and so much more.

I have not given up hope. I continue to forge ahead to make sure that I effect the noble change within our country so that my children’s future is secure. Many went to war but very few actually fought the settler regime head on. An example is Mugabe himself who cowered more often behind others when confronted by the settler regime.

You don’t need to be jailed or be beaten up to make a difference. I am making a difference because every day I am honest with you Zimbabweans – sharing with you whatever evil is happening in our country today and the people behind it.

Mugabe has deprived us of a chance to be heard, robbed us of our ability to make a living and reduced the whole populace to abject poverty. Three decades of his dictatorship has brought so much suffering that it will take a long time to fix the mess.

Many people have lost hope after the last election was stolen in broad daylight. Those within Zanu (PF) are benefiting from the status quo. They love things to remain the way they are – because they don’t account to anyone in their looting.

Those working towards ending the evil in our land should keep on. One day at a time, step by step because we fully are aware that giving up is not a viable option. Mugabe could have succeeded in stealing the elections but the people’s anger is another story altogether.

We need to stretch our minds, make better use of ourselves, strive and be committed to becoming part of the solution and not be the problem. We must not think of ourselves as victims if we are to reach the next level.

The fact remains, once we take our eyes off the ball, we are no longer able to receive what was meant for us. Mugabe’s words at his mock inauguration ring hollow as long as he does not respect the people’s wishes. There are those in the diaspora putting the Zimbabwe agenda forward at every forum – they too need applauding.

There are those here at home fighting the rogue regime every day – their efforts are not in vain. There are people blowing the whistle when they see others do heinous crimes – these are selfless individuals worth celebrating. Our struggle for a better Zimbabwe is not over until God says it’s over.

Ndatenda, Asijiki,

Baba Jukwa

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