I witnessed cheating: Neuhaus

Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Matthew Neuhaus, personally witnessed people being bussed in to vote in areas where they were not registered.

“I saw a lot of things that have made me question the credibility of the election. I saw a lot of people being turned away. I saw people coming with voting slips and some were aided by the presiding officer to vote. I saw in Epworth people who had clearly been brought in from other areas and for some strange reason they were being allowed to vote, “said Neuhaus.

The same irregularities have been highlighted by the SADC Parliamentary Forum, which is currently divided over the writing of their observation report.

The regional observer group said the number of assisted voters in Midlands’s Gokwe area in particular was “shocking”.

The Australian Government this week issued a statement in which it questioned the credibility of the whole electoral process.

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