Inauguration a non-event – residents

Harare residents have described Robert Mugabe’s inauguration for an eighth term in office as a non-event.

Residents in a deserted Harare Central Business District today told The Zimbabwean that the inauguration held no significance to them.

A 31 year old Harare teacher who did not want to be identified because he was a civil servant told The Zimbabwean he found it hard to celebrate the inauguration of an 89 year old man as President.

“For me it’s a non-event because what long term plans can you have with an 89 year old president? Civil servants are required to retire at 65 and this man will be 94 at the end of his term. Look at former South African President, Nelson Mandela, he is 94 and he can’t do anything now. When people reach that age they are already senile,” he said.

The teacher lamented what he called the failure by African countries to solve the continent’s hotspots.

“In Africa we don’t have democracy. If SADC was strong, we might have had a different outcome. Look at Mali. It took European countries to bring peace to that country and in Egypt the African Union is irrelevant,” he said.

A woman who wanted to be known by her first name Gladys said it would have been better if Zanu (PF) had managed to find a successor to Mugabe.

“I wouldn’t have a problem with someone from Zanu (PF), as long as it’s not Mugabe and it’s someone younger. Then I would be celebrating with them,” she said.

Another resident Nelson told The Zimbabwean that he wondered why Mugabe’s supporters would not give him a rest. “I don’t know why those who support him don’t want to give him a rest.

Robson Maputseni told The Zimbabwean that Mugabe’s inauguration was a good occasion for the country.

“This is a good occasion and is important particularly for the youth. Everyone should participate as it is part of our history. Everybody needs to know where they came from,” he said.

One Facebook user was peeved by the bussing of people to the National Sports Stadium to be part of the festivities.

“If only the MDC had 'won' there wouldn't be a need to bus people like they did during the election. Daylight robbery!!! Have seen three buses in Chitungwiza and the driver who has specific instructions to fill them is indeed struggling to fill them up despite it being a public holiday,” he said.

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