Kombayi tipped to rekindle father’s legacy

The son of the late veteran politician Patrick Kombayi, Hamutendi, is tipped to become the city’s next mayor. If he achieves the feat, he will rekindle the legacy of his father who became the city’s first black mayor after independence.

Patrick Kombayi
Patrick Kombayi

Hamutendi Kombayi last week won a council seat and according to the new constitution, he could become the city’s mayor if a college of other elected councillors endorse him after the inauguration ceremony expected in a fortnight. According to sources, Ward 11 councillor-designate Albert Chirau is the only other person eying the mayoral seat.

“It is obvious that I am the favourite as far as the mayoral seat is concerned. Judging from the immense contributions that my father is respected for in the city, I do not think that there is anyone who can beat me to that post,” said Kombayi, who runs his late father’s business empire.

He said that if he clinched the mayoral seat, his immediate task would be to embark on pro-poor policies.

“What we need in Gweru is the promotion of small businesses that are providing livelihoods for the majority of people, who are undoubtedly poor. Such business establishments like open-space flea markets, vending among others should be promoted by council. We also need to invite more donors to come and open for us some projects for the people wallowing in poverty. As it stands, few people trust that the new government to be led by President Robert Mugabe will be efficient.

“Accordingly, we should plan on how we can tackle that issue. That would be my biggest mandate if I am elected mayor for Gweru,” said Kombayi.

The previous crop of councillors, led by mayor Teddious Chimombe, was tainted with accusations of corruption which saw eight of them suspended from the MDC-T. Chimombe was expelled.

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