Manipulation of the Guruve vote

The voting process here was seriously compromised by intimidation and the forced assistance of voters by Zanu (PF) members. The Zimbabwean observed voting in Guruve North and South
Constituencies where voters were forced to present themselves as illiterate in order to get assistance from Zanu (PF) members.

The practice occurred at Mutota Primary School, Ward
19, in Guruve North constituency where several youths could be seen in
the company of individuals reportedly coming from Zanu (PF).

MDC-T aspiring candidate for the constituency, Andrew Mupunga, reported the matter to election officials but was 
told that it was hard to prove whether one was actually illiterate or

“It is surprising that a lot of school leavers in the area are not able to write. My suspicion is that they have been
told to do so by the Zanu (PF) officials in their area. We heard about
this plan long ago,” said Mupunga.

By 6 o-clock in the evening, the number of assisted voters at Mutota Primary School had risen to 103.

The area is composed of people living on resettled farms and is
considered a Zanu (PF) stronghold

On the date of the election, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Deputy
Chairperson, Joyce Kazembe, expressed concern over the number of
assisted voters countrywide. “We have noted that in some areas there is quite a high number of
assisted voters,” she said.

In Guruve North, MDC-N aspiring Member of Parliament, Kudakwashe
Chimanikire, told The Zimbabwean that presiding officers had
connived with Zanu (PF) to rig the elections.

He alleged that at Chipangura Primary School an officer identified as Nyepudzayi Mapurisa was working in cahoots
with Zanu (PF) to bar those wishing to assist illiterate voters.
When The Zimbabwean visited at around 5pm, 61
people had been assisted to cast their vote.

Mapurisa, however, denied the allegations but admitted she had helped
some illiterate voters.

“The people I assisted here were illiterate but came here with no
one to assist them and they actually approached me for help so what
you are saying is not the correct position. I actually assisted those
people in the presence of two polling officers and one police
officer,” said Mapurisa.

Allegations were raised that a ZEC official, Constance Musa, had been assisted to cast her
vote by Never Chinhoyi. Aspiring candidates from the two MDC
formations asked how the electoral body could have employed an
illiterate person.

When contacted for comment, Musa said: “I am not in a position to tell
you anything relating to that incident. Officials at Guruve Public
Service Association can give you the best comment on that”.

Efforts to get the comment from the PSA officials were, however, fruitless.

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