MDC SA leader in trouble

MDC-T deputy chairman for South Africa, Lovemore Chikandiwa, is living in fear of the threats made on his life by suspected state security agents.

Lovemore Chikandiwa is living in fear following threats by suspected CIO members.
Lovemore Chikandiwa is living in fear following threats by suspected CIO members.

Chikandiwa first received death threats from suspected Central Intelligence Organisation members about a month ago, in the run-up to the July 31 elections. Suspicious vehicles then began to stalk him on his way to and from his workplace. The threats have continued after the elections.

Chikandiwa received a call from a man who identified himself as Rumhizha.

“He asked me if I was involved in MDC activities and when I said I was, he said ‘hoo ndimi munoita basa rekutengesa nyika kumabhunu nhai? (So, it’s you who are selling the country to the whites?) and he was infuriated when I told him I was an official of a political party that represented the will of Zimbabweans without differentiating them by tribe, race or colour,” he said.

The caller told Chikandiwa that he was a member of the CIO and on a mission to eliminate “sell-outs” like him. The same man called on many occasions, threatening to deal with him. He claimed to be in the company of army Majors assigned to deal with MDC-T officials in South Africa. Chikandiwa suspects that a distant relative of his from Chiredzi could be involved in the threats.

“One evening, the same man called, telling me that they knew where I lived. I then called an officer from the Presidency, who advised me to go to the police. On my way, there was a Toyota Hilux parked in front of my residence. Inside were a man and a woman. They were trying hard to listen to what I was saying on the phone. On passing the car I whispered to my son to take the number plates, which he did and we proceeded to the police.”

Police in Pretoria have confirmed reports from Zimbabwean political activists, which they said they were still investigating.

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